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Don't wait, buy Alternatives

What are alternative investments?

Investing in ‘Alternatives’ has proven to be immensely popular recently in comparison to traditional investments such as bonds, stocks & shares and unit trusts.

Due to the volatility within the marketplace many investors including new clients have favoured to buy into alternatives. 

We believe it is fundamentally important to never place all your eggs in one basket and to spread any level of risk in the portfolio accordingly (ask a broker for further questions).

Another reason is that the minimum amount(s) required to open an account with Anderson Capital Management is far less than a typical high street lender or bank’s requirement making this a perfect opportunity for you to capitalise on and save costs.
Examples of Traditional Investments:
  • Stocks & Shares
  • Bonds
  • ISA’s
  • Unit trusts
  • Forex
  • Futures
  • Insurance
  • Derivatives
Examples of Alternative Investments:
  • Commodities
  • Agricultural farmland
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Precious metals
  • Gold
  • Renewable energy
  • Ethical
  • Fine wine & Rare art

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